Residential Title Insurance

National Title Center Residential Title Insurance – Protecting You!

Congratulations! Whether buying your first home, or another subsequent home, this is an exciting time. We at National Title Center share in that excitement, and make it our business to promise you that when you close, you have done so worry free. How can we do that? It's a three-way process:

First, your National Title Center professionals go through the Title Search Process. We know our way around the Chicago area property records files, and have most likely searched your home’s area many times. We check current and past deeds for a history of ownership of the property. This process often involves searching beyond when the property became a subdivision, or even residential property. We look for easements, restrictive covenants, and more. We are making sure the seller has the right to sell you this property. We are making sure he or she is, in fact, the owner.

National Title Center – Title Insurance Beyond Your Expectations

Second, we provide title insurance. In today’s market there is plenty to be nervous about. Scams, unpaid contractors, inheritance issues, unforeseen previous bank loan issues, 2nd mortgages, etc. Once a piece of property is sold, the new owner is liable for any liens that may have existed but did not surface through the thorough property search process. Remember, if the property is the collateral, then the new owner is liable. More common are issues that arise because someone was not paid for work done on the property. A builder’s lien may be placed against the property, whether newly constructed or previously owned. If the property is sold, the builder may simply go through our Illinois court system to put a lien against the property rather than the builder. The new owner is then liable. This scenario is even more complicated when dealing with bank foreclosed property. Rest assured, National Title Center provides the best Title Insurance on the market. We’ve got you covered.

Third, we will handle your closing. We know everyone involved in your closing. There are many more people involved in addition to the buyer and seller. There might be home inspectors, realtors, appraisers, pest inspectors, mortgage bankers/brokers and attorneys. There are many fees that need to be satisfied prior to the completion of a purchase such as transfer taxes for the state, county and city. Has the water bill been paid up to date? Here at National Title Center we do the research to make this transaction as easy and stress-free as possible. We’ll even find a time and location that’s convenient for you. You’ll walk away satisfied with our service and confident that your closing was handled in professional manner.

Again, Congratulations! We look forward to your continued business and referrals.