Commercial Title Insurance

National Title Center Commercial Title Insurance – Protecting Your Business!

Chicago, and the surrounding area, is a wonderful and historic place. This is the perfect place to own a business. But, only if protected. Chicago’s historic and colorful past presents daily challenges to property ownership, especially for downtown commercial property.

The Potawatomi Indians laid claim to where Chicago is today. The city was founded in the 1830s, and much of it is built on land that did not even exist. In 1871 the Great Chicago Fire destroyed the downtown central district. We are rapidly approaching a 200 year old history to this area with property rights issues arising almost daily. Excavation unearths unimaginable artifacts that may prove to be anything from ancient Indian burial grounds to personal belongings from the historic Chicago fire. Documents magically show up proving ownership, partnership, or other types of interest in property on a regular basis, and can only be settled through our Illinois court system. What you think you “own” may not be so.

Your Protector, Your Savior, Your Title Company

Like personal property, there are also the hidden liens that may surface, like construction, or loans against the property. You, the new owner, assume these liens. National Title Center, Inc. knows the title search process and thoroughly researches property history. We know this business, we love this business, it's what we do. Remember, the unforeseen documentation and unforeseen liens are what makes title insurance necessary.

Talk to your lawyer, then talk to your friend, National Title Center, Inc. We’ve got you covered.