Closing Services

Extraordinary Closing Services for Chicago and the Neighborhood

National Title Center, Inc. provides the important title insurance policy to protect the buyer and lender. This insurance protects a lender or owner against loss in the event of a property ownership dispute. Title insurance is most frequently used for mortgages, and is required by the lender or mortgage holder. In today’s world, many strange things happen, such as a divorcee later claiming part ownership, or an unpaid contractor going through Chicago’s courts for a lien on the property. Title insurance is “peace of mind” for the buyer.

This process first requires a title search, to ensure the seller is the actual rightful owner of the property, without any liens or hidden loans against the property. This also includes finding any rights to the property by third party members, such as mineral rights, or easements. This investigative service requires in-depth knowledge of Chicago’s records, files, courts and more. We have professional specialists who are dedicated to this, and this alone.

Close Correctly, Close Fast with National Title Center by Your Side

Once the an agreement of sale is made, National Title Center, Inc. then provides the closing service, where we act as the facilitator, to reconcile and close the loan. We bring the seller and buyer, or their legal agents to the table. We bring all required paperwork, get all necessary signatures, collect all required funds, and disburse all monies. Many parties involved are often not present, such as the termite inspector, the realtor or agent, or even the lender or bank. It is our job to immediately provide copies of all necessary documents to the seller and buyer, as well as all parties involved. This is when the transaction is completed.

Finally, we file the new deed of ownership on behalf of the buyer with the courthouse. This act puts the new owner of the property on public record, giving anyone access to the property transfer transaction, and proof of ownership.