National Title Center found a Utility Easement during their title search on my property that was never used because the water line is in the front yard, not backyard. This allowed us to renegotiate the purchase price, and it saved us $5,000. Awesome!

Milton McNeal, Saved a lot with National Title Center, Inc.

We just moved to Chicago from rural Colorado and were a bit anxious about big city people. We love it here. The people at National Title Center are so friendly and knowledgeable! What were we afraid of? Thanks for making us feel at home and making the transition so easy.

Mrs. Beverly Goodson, National Title Center! They really do know how.

You guys saved us! We were served notice that a Mechanics Lien existed on our property for structural repair to our roof that had not been paid. They said we were liable. We would have been liable, but the title insurance through NTC took care of it. I hadn't ever heard of a Mechanics Lien, but sure am glad I got the insurance. Thanks!

Don and Becky Forsythe, National Title Center Rocks!

Kudos to National Title Center, Inc! They came clear across town to accommodate my busy schedule and had everything ready for a smooth and fast close. I can't believe how painless it was. And, it only took 15 minutes!

Mr. Henry Thomas, Kudos to National Title Center, Inc!